On November 11-15 this year, one of the most industrialized cities of Mexico, Queretaro, is hosting the XV Latin American Conference on Rubber Technology that will also shed light on future and potential developments in tire recycling in North and South America.

It is anticipated that the event will unite representatives of public sector and businesses; thus, it will become a sound platform for networking where visitors could offer their services and products. According to the event’s website, the biggest companies representing the recycling sector will attend the conference.

The event’s website also notes that the conference will enable visitors to learn about the most recent innovations and products developed by the leading tire recycling companies.

During the conference, invited speakers will present their reports and presentations on innovations in shredding and grinding, chemical systems, retreading and other recycling processes. Moreover, the visitors will learn about updates to environmental laws in Latin America and what opportunities exist on the global markets.

At the same time, speakers will describe traditional and new ways how recycled tires can be used to make value-added end products.

To learn more about the event and register, please proceed to the official website.