RubberCon is an international conference organized by the French Association of Rubber and Polymer Engineers (AFICEP) under the auspices of the International Rubber Conference Organization (IRCO) which AFICEP is a member of. As its name suggests, the conference is devoted to problems of rubber industry, including rubber and tire recycling, as this year its main motive is “Environment and Recycling: A Strategic Challenge for Rubber Materials.”

This year, Robert Weibold, a tire recycling and pyrolysis consultant from Vienna, Austria, speaks at RubberCon about “Challenges, trends and opportunities for end-of-life tires from a French perspective”. If you would like to connect with Robert Weibold, discuss business opportunities or request information on consulting services, please send your inquiry at

Usually, the RubberCon conference is designed as an international event and therefore it takes place alternately in Europe, Asia and America. Due to the current health situation, the current event will be held as an online virtual conference on February 11-12, 2021.

RubberCon Agenda:

At RubberCon, there will be several major sessions related to end-of-life rubber recycling, each hosting many speakers and experts from the industry.

1. End-of-Life of Rubber

  • Li JIA – THE UNIVERSITY OF AKRON – «Problems and Solutions of Ground Rubber Recycling»
  • Jacques W. M. NOORDERMEER – UNIVERSITY OF TWENTE – «Feasibility of Real De-vulcanization for Elastomer Products»
  • Nicolas CANDAU – CENTRE CATALÀ DEL PLÀSTIC – «A multi-instrumented device to study the mechanical devulcanization of rubber as a recycling process»
  • James Robert INNES – UNIVERSITY OF BRADFORD – «Optimising the revulcanization of solid-state shear milled (S3M) rubber»
  • Vitaly KHUSIDMAN – G3C TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION – «G3C process gives new life to pyrolysis plants»
  • Pamela PASETTO – UNIVERSITÉ DU MANS – «End of life Tyres - an alternative to devulcanization to obtain a new raw material»
  • Roberto PÉREZ-APARICIO – SIGNUS ECOVALOR – «Advanced characterization of recycled rubber from end-of-life tyres»
  • Shin SATO - TOTTORI UNIVERSITY OF ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES – «Evaluation of microbial behavior of wood rotting fungi for recycle of rubber wastes»
  • Nicolas SCHÜWER – TYRE RECYCLING SOLUTIONS – «Recycling end-of-life tyres into high-performance materials through innovative valorization methods»
  • Erick SHARP – ACE PRODUCTS & CONSULTING – «Evaluation of devulcanized and reclaimed HCR silicone rubber»
  • Izaak WATSON – MARTIN'S RUBBER COMPANY – «Pushing the boundaries of recycled rubber content in high performance elastomers»
  • Robert WEIBOLD – WEIBOLD TIRE RECYCLING & PYROLYSIS CONSULTING – «Challenges, trends and opportunities for end-of-life tires from a French perspective»

2. Sustainable Materials

  • Ulrich GIESE & Irina WEILERT – DEUTSCHES INSTITUT FÜR KAUTSCHUKTENOLOGIE (DIK) – «Nanofibrillated cellulose as a special type of renewable material as filler for lightweight elastomers»
  • Michel DORGET – CTTM / GUATECS –«Towards a European Guayule Rubber Supply Chain!»
  • Carine LEFÈVRE – XATICO BENELUX FRANCE – «Improving the processing properties of SBR-Silica Compounds by the addition of Neuburg Siliceous Earth»
  • Céline BOTTIER – CIRAD – «An overview of CIRAD and partners’ research activities to address the question of the variability of latex and natural rubber quality»
  • Kim FLAIG – J. RETTENMAIER & SÖHNE – «ARBOCEL® natural cellulose fibers for sustainable rubber composites»
  • Michel DORGET – CTTM / GUATECS – «Towards a European Dandelion Rubber Supply Chain!»
  • Élodie MICHEL – LEFRANT RUBCO – «Factice, a bio-based additive for Rubber»
  • Kamyar ALAVI – NYNAS – «The Best of Two Worlds: Conventional and Hybrid Renewable Naphthenic Oils as Plasticisers for Rubber Materials»
  • Runguo WANG – BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGY – «Design and Preparation of Functionalized Bio-based Elastomer from Itaconic Acid»

3. Health & Safety

  • Brigitte LAQUIEZE – ACADÉMIE D’AGRICULTURE DE FRANCE – «Societal acceptability of technological innovations: What future for plastics and rubber?»
  • Laina GUO – HUTCHINSON CRI – «Rubber Reinforcement by in-situ generated non isocyanate polyurethane (NiPU) for lightweighting»
  • Gilles MELI – IMERYS – «Imerys technical mineral fillers for reduced environment impact in rubber applications»
  • Morten NORMANN-FYHN – DANISH TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE – «Method for efficient characterization and quantification of micro-rubber in storm water using Raman-spectroscopy»
  • Arnaud PIPERS – SILOX – «Non eco-toxic zinc activator for rubber to provide sustainable and environemental-friendly materials»
  • Carole CHARBUILLET – ENSAM – «Ecodesign: as solution to control environmental impacts of polymers through their entire Life Cycle?»
  • Claire JACQUET-LASSUS – APESA – «How to face the challenges of the ecological transition by integrating environmental impact measures, eco-design and eco-innovation?»

4. Processing

  • Isabelle YARZABAL – MLPC INTERNATIONAL – «MLPC = Safer solutions for curing system»
  • Rodrigo DIAZ VARGAS – REP INTERNATIONAL – «HSM Process, a rubber recycling solution»
  • Marie MANGAVEL – HUTCHINSON CRI – «Environmental challenges related to silicone rubber processability»
  • Frank PAPPAS – ACE PRODUCTS & CONSULTING – «Improving Physical Properties of Rubber Compounds Containing Recycled Materials and Devulcanized Rubber with the Aid of Reactive Mixing and Process Aids»
  • Pieter SAMYN – HASSELT UNIVERSITY – «Evaluating the processing properties of natural rubber composites for paper coating applications»
  • Ranvir VIRDI – ROBINSON BROTHERS – «Improving the cure performance of ultra accelerators using a new thiazole free, nitrosamine safe delayed action curative»
  • Timo GEBAUER – SIGMA ENGINEERING – «Modelling of reversion effects in injection molding processes»

5. Properties & Environmental Impact Performances

  • Fernando MARTÍN SALAMANCA – INSTITUTO DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE POLÍMEROS – «Influence of network structure in rubber elasticity»
  • Andreas KAISER – ARLANXEO DEUTSCHLAND – «Levapren ® NPG - a functional EVM as impact modifier in bio-degradable thermoplastic materials»
  • Sahbi ALOUI – NETZSCH GERÄTEBAU – «Which additional information does the simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric analysis provide to improve understanding of the behavior of elastomeric materials during application?»
  • Gökçe BAKİLER – ERENLİ SAÇ PROFİL KAUÇUK VE PLASTİK – «Basalt Fiber Reinforced EPDM Composites- Rheological and Mechanical Properties»
  • James BODEN – UNIVERSITY OF BATH – «Understanding the effect on crosslinking on the self-healing ability of epoxidised natural rubber (ENR)»
  • Franziska KIRSCH – FRAUNHOFER INSTITUE FOR STRUCTURAL DURABILITY AND SYSTEM RELIABILITY LBF – «Influence of formulation and processing conditions on network structure, material properties and lifetime under dynamic load of sulfur cross-linked NR/BR»
  • Juan LOPEZ-VALENTIN – INSTITUTO DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE POLÍMEROS – «New insights in the structure-property relationships of CNT-Rubber»
  • Rodrigo NAVARRO-CRESPO – INSTITUTO DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE POLÍMEROS – «Thermo-reversible supramolecular polyurethanes based on PCL with self-healing behaviour»

6. Applications & Use

  • Maurice CARFANTAN & Sophie RICHET – PSA GROUPE – «Environmental and regulatory issues on rubber and TPE materials applied to the automotive industry - PSA expectations and needs»
  • Serge BOUVIER – DUPONT – «Ethylene Acrylate Elastomers – A Perfect Fit for Requirements in E-Mobility»
  • Olivier DEFRAIN – TOTAL CRAY VALLEY – «Damping Materials based on Liquid Polybutadienes: Structure-Property Relationships»
  • Éric CHAUVIGNÉ – CHEMOURS INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS – «A new fluoroelastomer precompound for improved durability in the most demanding turbocharger hose applications»
  • Varun THAKUR – DOW EUROPE – «Development of EPDM rubber compounds to enable automotive light-weighting»
  • Florian DIEHL – UPM GMBH – «New generation of renewable functional fillers for automotive light-weight applications»
  • Yusuf GÜNER – STANDARD PROFIL – «Improvement of Low Dense EPDM Based Compound for Sealing System for Vehicles»
  • Janis KARL – FRENCH-GERMAN RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF SAINT-LOUIS – «Development of a novel rubber compound as damping interlayer in light-weight armor applications»
  • Pilar POSADAS – INSTITUTO DE CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE POLÍMEROS – «New insights into Silica-reinforced tire tread compounds based on carboxylated styrene butadiene rubber»
  • Matthieu WOLFF – REP INTERNATIONAL – «Application: Fuel cell stacks gaskets molding in automatic»
  • Ruhi PATEL – UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE & QUEEN MARY UNIVERSITY OF LONDON – «The heart valve: On the cusp of a durable polymeric replacement»

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