On February 10, 2020, Boundless Impact Research and Analytics – a market intelligence and analytics firm that provides quantitative research and data for investors, companies, and funds – organizes a webinar “Rubber Isn't Rubbish: Scrap Tires Join the Circular Economy.”

Globally, 1.6 billion tires per year are disposed of improperly, including over 300 million scrap tires generated in the United States every year.

A significant portion of that is either burned as tire-derived-fuel or land-disposed. The lasting effect of this is disastrous both environmentally and in terms of lost economic value. Luckily, entrepreneurs have been hard at work to turn the tide on this immense problem, turning what was previously conceived as trash into valuable materials through innovative cradle-to-cradle recycling infrastructure.

The webinar will provide an overview of emerging technologies that enable tires to be brought into the circular economy, as well as insight into the hot waste-to-value market. The webinar features Boisson Consulting Founder Ed Boisson, Tyreflow Environmental President Bill Spire, Tyreflow CEO Jim Meckley, and Boundless Research Analyst Andreas van Giezen.

Ed will present on the market opportunity of waste-to-value technologies with an emphasis on scrap tire recycling. Bill and Jim will discuss Tyreflow’s cradle-to-cradle recycling infrastructure for scrap tires. Andreas will present Boundless’ Climate Impact Assessment of Tyreflow.

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