Over 7000 professionals from 40 countries are expected to visit Tire and Rubber exhibition in Moscow. It is expected that the half of visitors will be composed of tire manufacturers, about 1/5 - tire of wholesalers. The rest of the participants will include tire recyclers, retreaders and other industry professionals.

The main focus of the Exhibition:

  • Tires for all types of wheels, equipment and technologies
  • Natural rubber, raw materials, manufacturing equipment
  • Elastomers and elastomeric materials
  • Industrial rubber goods, manufacturing equipment and technologies
  • Equipment for tire fitting and balancing; rims, chains, studs
  • Synthetic fibers, technical textile, steel cord
  • Tire retreading and repair
  • Tire recycling, applications for recycled rubber
  • Manufacturing of molded products made from recycled rubber

The exhibition will display products from various sectors, including raw and auxiliary products, intermediate goods, finished products, innovations, R&D, packaging and storage, equipment and technology. Moreover, products for environmental protection for waste recycling in the tire and rubber industry will be showcased during the event.

Apart from the actual exhibition, the event will serve as a platform for company presentations, technical seminars, and master-classes of exhibitors.

Tires and Rubber is a great platform for networking as a high percentage of business CEOs, department heads and managers from various industry sectors, including tire repair, retreading and recycling, attend the expocenter’s showcases each year.

Participation fees depend on stand location and configuration.

To learn more about the event and register, please proceed to the official website.