Video: courtesy of CTV News.

Canadian Emergency Measures Organization has been working hard to extinguish a tire fire in Minto, a village in the south of New Brunswick. The Organization’s Spokesman Geoffrey Downey said the final loads of sand have been dumped at the TRACC recycling facility.

Canadian Press reported that the fire broke out at the facility on December 20 and spread onto one hectare of adjacent land. Mr. Downey said heavy equipment and extra loads of sand had been left at the site in case molten tires catch fire again.

According to the Emergency Measures Organization in New Brunswick, the smouldering tires remain hot despite the main fire extinguished. Images taken by a drone with a thermal camera shows some dangerous signs. Therefore, air and water advisories remain in effect.

To safeguard residents of the neighborhood from hazardous substances in released into the atmosphere because of the fire at the tire recycling facility, the Health Department of New Brunswick issued a water-quality advisory last week, telling citizens on the industrial park's water system to stop using water until further notice. Residents of Minto area who use well water were also advised to monitor their water for any change in odor or color.

News released by CTV News.