Aliapur – a French end-of-life tire management authority – recently announced a call for applications to participate in a tender to renew end-of-life tire collection and recycling contacts for 2021–2024. The authority says that the estimated volume of end-life-tires to be processed in this time span will reach over 380,000 tons of tires.

The authority highlights that there will be several consultations with regard to the tender, and they will take place this April. According to Aliapur, Tender arrangements are expected to start in the very beginning of the next year.

Aliapur is welcoming all interested parties to submit their inquiries and register on Aliapur's Service Purchase Portal. Following the registration, all applicants will receive consultation files for end-of-life tire collection and tire recycling.

The organization highlights that it will accept applications for tire recycling till June 4 and for tire collection – till June 11.

To learn more information about the tender, please navigate to Aliapur’s website.