• Acquisition provides stable source of unrecycled tires in Michigan

Geocycle LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Holcim (US) Inc., announced it has acquired CM Rubber Technologies, Inc., in Coleman, Michigan, as part of our ongoing commitment to create a zero waste future and accelerate green growth.

The acquisition will allow Geocycle to provide a sustainable waste management solution to Northern Michigan through co-processing used tires to recover energy and divert waste from landfills. Additionally, it will deliver a stable source of lower emissions fuels for the Alpena cement plant, in Alpena, MI, which recently broke ground on a 22,000 ton per year, whole-tire, co-processing line. By early 2023, the Alpena plant will begin to co-process tires from the Geocycle Coleman facility, reducing CO2 emissions and delivering a low-carbon, circular economy model for the region.

"Geocycle works relentlessly to drive for a zero-waste future, and the acquisition of CM Rubber Technologies, Inc., to the Geocycle US team only strengthens this commitment," said Sophie Wu, Head of Geocycle North America. "We welcome CM Rubber Technologies employees who are critical to helping us offer a sustainable solution to the local tire recycling industry."

Founded in 2003, CM Rubber Technologies, Inc., is the largest tire recycler in Northern Michigan. The company employs 13 people, who will transition to Geocycle along with 21 acres of land, industrial buildings, processing/ mobile equipment, and a fleet of trucks and trailers.

Through acquisitions like this, Geocycle provides every-day, sustainable, waste management solutions while supporting the needs of local communities across the globe and helping to accelerate our journey to Net Zero.

About Geocycle

Geocycle is a leading provider of industrial, agricultural and municipal waste management services worldwide. We apply the proven technology of 'co-processing' and utilize existing facilities in cement industry to resolve waste challenges sustainably. This enables us to recover energy and recycle materials from waste. We contribute towards a regenerative, circular economy that closes resource cycles. Geocycle manages more than 10 million tons of waste annually, thus making a tangible contribution to bringing society a step closer to a zero-waste future.

Article by Geocycle.