The K show in Germany city of Düsseldorf set October 16-23 will see Evonik Industries AG exhibit its patented rubber additive, Vestenamer, that allows transforming waste tires into products that can be applied to construct roads.

The company’s additive makes the process of transforming waste tires into rubber powder that can be used in asphalt cost-efficient; this Evonik’s innovation is used in combination with road construction asphalt as it can improve the quality, thus extending the life of roads and boosting their durability preventing wearing off.

Commenting on the product’s properties, the market development manager for Vestenamer said that it could lead to more efficient processing as the quality of the rubber particles is enhanced.

It is also possible to attain noise reduction if the quantity of rubber powder used in surfaces is increased, the Evonik representative said. Mentioning other benefits, a metric ton of recycled rubber power can save over 2,5 tons of CO2 that is generated when waste tires undergo incineration.

The innovation, Vestenamer, was made amid concerns in the EU that roads durability and quality was not substantial.

Press release by EPPM.