Pyrum Innovations AG (Pyrum), a pioneer in the sustainable recycling of end-of-life tires based on its patented pyrolysis technology, has received the first delivery of end-of-life bicycle tires by Ralf Bohle GmbH in connection with the planned cooperation of both companies.

With its Schwalbe brand and a turnover of EUR 225 million (2020), Ralf Bohle GmbH is Europe's market leader for bicycle tires and inner tubes. In September, Pyrum and Bohle had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), the objective of which is the long-term operation, expansion and further development of a feedstock recycling system for end-of-life bicycle tires by means of pyrolysis. At the same time, the aim is to use the recovered carbon black (rCB) resulting from the recycling of end-of-life tires as an ecological secondary raw material in the production of new Schwalbe products.

Pascal Klein, CEO of Pyrum Innovations AG: "We are very pleased about the cooperation with Bohle. With its Schwalbe brand, the company fits perfectly with our 100% sustainable business model. Together with our partner, we want to contribute to make bicycles even more sustainable and thus support Bohle in its roadmap for a more sustainable and responsible production. “

Pyrum's tire pyrolysis technology. | Video by Pyrum.

The cooperation provides for Bohle to establish a collection network for end-of-life bicycle tires, thus collecting the waste tires and delivering them to Pyrum for further processing. Pyrum, in turn, with its pyrolysis plant in Dillingen, takes over the mechanical processing as well as the pyrolytic recycling of the waste tires and thus extracts new raw materials from the tires, including rCB. As soon as the use of rCB in Schwalbe products is technically feasible, Bohle in turn takes the pyrolysis product rCB from Pyrum to produce new bicycle tires and inner tubes. As part of an initial test of the collection network, the first delivery of used bicycle tires with a volume of 20 tons has now been made by Bohle to Pyrum.

According to the company’s press release, both companies are already now researching the technical feasibility of the sustainable recycling of bicycle tires by means of pyrolysis together with the Technical University of Cologne as part of a ZIM (Central Innovation Programme for SMEs) project funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWI).

About Pyrum Innovations AG

Pyrum Innovations AG is active in the attractive recycling market for end-of-life-tires with its patented pyrolysis technology. Pyrum's pyrolysis plants are completely energy self-sufficient, save almost 100 % of the CO2 emissions normally generated during the disposal of end-of-life-tires in a cement plant and produce new raw materials such as pyrolysis oil, gas and recovered carbon black from the waste used as input materials. In this way, Pyrum closes the recyclable material loop and pursues a 100% sustainable business model. As a pioneer, Pyrum Innovations AG was the first company in the end-of-life-tire recycling sector to receive REACH registration from the EU for the pyrolysis oil it produces. This means that the oil is recognised as an official raw material. In addition, Pyrum is researching on new input materials as well as on new raw materials to be produced, such as the successfully ongoing tests for the extraction of hydrogen from the gas obtained by means of the patented technology. These achievements have also been recognised by international experts in the tyre industry. For example, Pyrum won the Best Tyre Recycling Innovation category at the inaugural Recircle Awards.

About Ralf Bohle GmbH

Ralf Bohle GmbH is Europe's market leader for bicycle tires with its Schwalbe brand. The family-owned company, founded in Bergneustadt in 1922, employs 180 people at Ralf Bohle GmbH in Reichshof and 60 employees in five subsidiaries in Europe and North America. Since 1973, Schwalbe has manufactured its tires in cooperation with its Korean production partner Hung-A. In 1993, Hung-A relocated production from Korea to Indonesia, and in 2015, it started up a second Schwalbe plant in Vietnam. Schwalbe and Hung-A are not only linked by a joint venture, but also by a friendship that has lasted almost 50 years and is unparalleled in the industry.

Original press release by Pyrum Innovations AG.