Common for Nature GmbH I. G. is a German tire recycling technology supplier headquartered in Donauwoerth, Bavaria. In cooperation with Bulgarian equipment developer and manufacturer MODUL EOOD located in Stara Zamora it offers technological solutions in the field of tire and plastic pyrolysis. Along with fuel oil and gas, the main focus of the equipment is production of high-quality recovered carbon black (rCB) of N6 and N7 grades. In the last 12 months, prices for N7 series carbon black sharply increased globally, and this isn’t just a new trend.

Investment needed

Currently, Common for Nature is looking for investors to scale up its equipment production. To build up its operating sites (two pyrolysis units) in the Netherlands and Taiwan, the company needs additional funding of EUR 15,000,000. Subsequently, the investment will enable the company to proceed with development of carbon black units and sales activities in the Middle and Far East. Detailed investment distribution is available on request.

Below, we describe key advantages of the technology, as reported by the company, and set forth other important information.

Production capacities

The throughput of one pyrolysis module reaches 1 metric ton per hour for scrap tires and 1.2 to 1.4 metric tons for scrap plastic input.


Common for Nature has developed its own machinery for carbon black recovery and enrichment called “Carbonenobler”. As reported by the equipment manufacturer, “Carbonenobler” allows producing and enhancing a range of different rCB grades, namely right up to N762, N500 series, N600 series, N700 series.

Autonomous operation

The manufacturer pinpoints that “Carbonenobler” is designed for autonomous operation, which means that only two workers are required per shift for the plant’s full-fledged operation. As a result, this significantly reduces operational expenses.

Proof of efficiency & output quality

In addition Common for Nature asserts that its equipment ensures the highest quality and efficiency. The technology proves these assertions by over 3,500 hours of production, which yielded consistent quality and purity of end product. The company stresses that with these factors it achieves utterly positive economic results. Also, the manufacturer mentions that the equipment is designed to fulfil expectations of both established independent operators and capital investors.

On request, the manufacturer will share its financial calculations to justify profitability of the venture. As reported by the company, payback period of the projects takes four to five years. The company offers 7% interest rate on capital invested. Further details are available on request.

Also, according to the company, its technology competes well with established industry representatives.

Technical certifications of the equipment

According to the manufacturer, the equipment is approved by TÜV. Moreover, authorities in the Netherlands have already issued operating licenses for 4 pyrolysis plants of Common for Nature.

Technology description & additional information

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