On the 9th of July, ZARE (Zertifizierte Altreifen Entsorger) – a German end-of-life tire collection and recycling organization, announced launching a new platform to promote and facilitate end-of-life tire recycling in Germany.

Aiming primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises involved in the end-of-life tire recycling, ZARE and BRV made a big step towards realizing a new platform. The organizations received funding from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) of Germany to launch the project.

"We have already done a good job and can now really get going," said managing director of BRV Yorick M. Lowin.

Promo video by ZARE.

Pinpointing the need for tire recycling companies to unite and rally together, Mr. Lowin says that the recycling companies should be integrated as well as research, waste disposal companies, the recycling industry and many others who do not work with used tires at first glance. This kind of networking would allow new collaborations and innovative ideas. The ultimate goal is to recover as much material as possible and convert end-of-life tires into marketable consumer goods or industrial materials. The project’s initiators highlight though that pyrolysis or thermal recycling of end-of-life tires shouldn’t be ignored.

In addition, ZARE would like to facilitate exchange of knowledge to support the industry. ZARE’s “Waste Tire Recycling Innovation Forum” is designed to act as a mediator between many players in Germany’s tire recycling industry. The flow of knowledge must be swift and stable. The “Waste Tire Recycling Innovation Forum” would also like to use goal and risk assessments, test procedures and the development of special guidelines to approach its goal of making end-of-life tire recycling more popular.

To read more about the project, please visit the official website of ZARE.