The level of end-of-life tire recycling in Germany marked a new record high last year, as reported by the German rubber manufacturers association (WDK).

Numbers recently published by WDK show that some 251 kilotons of end of life tires were processed into granulates and rubber crumbs in 2019, up 6% compared to the year before.

The secondary raw materials are used to manufacture technically high-quality products, a proof that “the recycling of used tires works,” said WDK technical director Stephan Rau in a 26 Aug statement.

The total amount of used tires in 2019 fell 2% year-on-year to 571 kilotons, which according to Rau, shows that a trend towards durable tires is continuing in the country.

"Although the registration figures for 2019 have risen noticeably - for example, there was an increase of 5% for passenger cars and as much as 6.2% for commercial vehicles - the number of used tires in Germany has fallen overall,” he added.

According to WDK, more than two-thirds of used tires (68%) are recycled in Germany and approximately 175,000 tons are used in the cement industry. However, the ‘ecologically and economically’ sound process has seen a sharp 10% decline over the last year, WDK added.

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