Gradeall International – a renowned manufacturer of tyre bailing and end-of-life tyre recycling equipment from Northern Ireland – introduced a new machine in its tyre recycling range, the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter. The new cutter is specifically designed to downsize passenger car tyres to prepare them for shredding as well as other recycling processes.

The manufacturer says that the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter builds upon the Gradeall team’s experience gathered from the Sidewall Cutter, another and bigger machine for efficient and cost-effective cutting of tyre sidewalls for larger tyres. The Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is a smaller machine designed specifically for dealing with end-of-life car and passenger vehicle tyres.

Gradeall Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter | Video by Gradeall International.

Car tyres contain a strong wire bead in the sidewall which can cause expediated wear and tear to shredders. Gradeall says that using its latest Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is the ideal first step in car tyre recycling operations.

Product description

Gradeall highlights that the Car Tyre Sidewall Cutter is a tough machine built to provide the same exceptional reliability as the truck tyre sidewall cutter.

Using the technology developed from that machine but downsized for car tyres, this machine is simpler in its operation and provides a very effective and cost-efficient way to cut car sidewalls.

Spare parts guaranteed

Gradeall pinpoints that the company has an extensive spare parts inventory with all consumable parts available to the customer’s door in under 48 hours. According to The cutting blade has been proven to be effective at cutting thousands of tyres.

To learn more about the machinery or contact the manufacturer, please proceed to Gradeall’s official website or download a technical brochure.