Gradeall International – the Irish manufacturer of tire bailing equipment – reports that it has just dispatched its MK2 Tyre Baler, along with a Sidewall & Tread Cutter to its new customer in Iceland. To help customers minimize shipping costs and ensure safe delivery of the equipment, Gradeall has come up with its special packaging system. Below, we describe how it works.

Gradeall’s MK2 Tyre Baler combined with the sidewall cutter efficiently deal with end of life car and truck tyres. As a great solution to optimize scrap tyre logistics, The MK2 Tyre Baler manages up to 110 car tyres per bale. Larger truck tyres, if their sidewalls cut first, can be baled in the MK2 Tyre Baler where it is possible to get between 26 to 32 truck tyres in a bale depending on whether the sidewalls are baled, too.

For its international customers, Gradeall ships its tire bailing equipment inside 20-feet shipping containers. Despite there is little spare space with the equipment inside the container, MK2 Tyre Baler fits into it with all supplementary parts. Gradeall’s equipment design enables the customer to minimize shipping costs; moreover, its helps the customer reduce the amount of reassembly when the container arrives. All hoses and electrical connections are fully labelled to make it as simple as possible to install back onto the machine when it is delivered. Video and text-based instructions are provided to customers upon delivery of the equipment.

Baling wires are included with the baler to ensure the customer has all they need to start baling once they receive the baler. Anything loaded into the container is also fully strapped down with ratchet straps to ensure nothing moves around while at sea.

The sidewall & tread cutter goes into the container right after bailer and requires no reassembly upon delivery. Gradeall ensures not only economic, but safe shipping. During the loading process The MK2 tyre baler and sidewall & tread cutter rest on a horizontal transport frame, this allows them to be loaded safely in a horizontal position into a shipping container without causing any damage to the baler itself. Learn more about Gradeall’s products on their official website.

Press release by Gradeall.