Gradeall – a manufacturer of innovative tire baling and recycling equipment from Nothern Ireland – have been increasingly exporting their range of tire balers, shredders and conveyors to tire recycling operations based throughout the U.S.

The United States is one of the largest contributors of waste tires, with over 279 million scrap tires generated annually. Given the negative environmental impact that scrap tires can cause, there is a global push to combat this problem and develop more appropriate waste tire management solutions.

In 2023, the tire and rubber recycling industry in the U.S. generated over $1.4 billion. It is a lucrative industry, and with proper tire recycling machinery, businesses can save costs and increase their own profitability.

Gradeall MK3 Tyre Baler | Video by Gradeall.

Gradeall is providing U.S. states with high-performance tire recycling equipment, enabling businesses to properly dispose of their waste tires according to state law. They have exported tire recycling machinery to the following states, Denver, Oklahoma, Texas, Colorado, California, Portland, Houston, Michigan, Illinois, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Kansas City, Wisconsin, San Diego, and many more.

Whole tires are banned from U.S. landfills, regardless of the state, due to the space they take up, the decomposition time and the increased risk of stagnant water that leads to localised cases of Malaria.

According to U.S. law, tires may only be disposed of in a landfill if they are spilt, quartered or shredded and with the Gradeall range of tire recycling machinery, this has never been more easier and convenient for businesses to adhere to.

Tire recycling equipment for export to the U.S. States

The Gradeall range of tire recycling equipment can streamline the entire waste disposal process. Whether businesses need to shred tires for adhering to state law, or bale them together for a more efficient transportation system, the Gradeall’s tire recycling machinery can do just that.

Tire shredding machines

Most U.S. states require tires to be shredded before they are allowed to be dumped in landfill sites. The Gradeall range of tire shredding machinery is very effective in completing this task, with operator safety built into its design.

OTR Tire Sidewall Cutter

Off-The-Road tires are commonly used in large vehicles such as dump trucks, loaders or extravators. Many U.S. states are stuck when having to deal with them, as they are massive in size and can weigh up to 600 kg. The OTR Sidewall Cutter is an efficient step in handling Off-The-Road tires. The machine cuts the sidewalls off, leaving a much easier waste tire material behind that can easily be baled. This tire recycling machine saves U.S. businesses costs on storage, labour and transport.

Gradeall manufacturers similar machinery for handling tires of various different sizes including the Truck/Tire Sidewall Cutter and the Car Tire Sidewall Cutter.

Tire baler machine

Gradeall has been exporting a range of tire balers to U.S. states. Which has been of a huge benefit as businesses can fit more waste tires into a single load for transportation. Given the sheer size of some U.S. states, this has helped businesses save dramatic costs on transportation.


The MKII Tire Baler | Photo by Gradeall.

The MKII Tire Baler can condense waste tire volume by up to 80% and produce bales of 400-500 waste tires per hour. The MK3 Tire Baler has been designed for businesses dealing with even larger volumes of waste tires, and with 75 tonnes of force it is a durable and reliable piece of tire baler machinery.

Gradeall have also manufactured the Truck Tire Baler and developed many machinery adaptations to the MKII and MK3, in order to suit the needs of each tire disposal business.

The cost of tire baler machines vary depending on the requested machine specifications, and the delivery location. For an accurate quote, get in contact with a member of the Gradeall team, for a full cost breakdown.

Tire conveyor

Another popular option for tire recycling machinery in the Tire Baler Conveyor. Many U.S. states that deal with a huge surplus of waste tires have found great benefits of having this machine on site. It reduces the amount of physical labour required which results in less staffing costs for the business.

Tire recycling in the U.S.

Every state will have specific guidelines on how waste tires are to be disposed of, check out the below examples which outline the difference between tire disposal in Texas and Colorado.

Tire recycling Colorado

The U.S. state of Colorado generates approximately 7 million waste tires annually. The waste tire industry in Colorado is overseen by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). If a business or person transports anything over 10 waste tires, they need to be permitted by the CDPHE to do so.

The tire disposal fee in Colorado is approximately $1.25 per tire, which can quickly mount up when dealing with a surplus of waste tires. Gradeall has exported tire recycling machinery to Colorado in a bid to help businesses adhere to state law and save costs on third party handling of waste tires.

Tire recycling in Texas

Texas generates approximately 20 million waste tires per year, which averages at around 1 tire per person. There is also a current stockpile of 70 million shredded tires, which is a great step in pursuing tire recycling solutions.

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) oversees waste tire operations, requiring both generators and transports of waste tires to be registered with them.

There is no state fee for tire disposal in Texas, but retailers can charge according to their own price points. Gradeall has exported a range of tire recycling machines to Texas state, aiding businesses in adhering to local regulations and managing their tire disposal process on site.

Quality tire recycling machinery with Gradeall

According to Gradeall, regardless of which state your U.S. tire recycling operation is based in, Gradeall can provide advice and support on the best tire recycling machines that will benefit your operation and help your business adhere to state law.

Gradeall has developed an international reputation for high-quality, high-performing tire recycling machinery, they have exported to countries all around the world including China, Australia and the U.S.

Get in contact with Gradeall more more information on equipment, exporting to U.S. tire recycling centres or advice on how to improve the tire disposal process.

Press release by Gradeall.