Gradeall International – the manufacturer of tyre bailing equipment from Northern Ireland – reports about the recent addition of tyre baler conveyor to its tyre recycling equipment.

The tyre baler conveyor is an all-new product from Gradeall designed to maximise tyre baling efficiency. The manufacturer reports that the tyre baler conveyor combined with either the MK2 or MK3 tyre baler is the fastest, most user-friendly way to bale large volumes of tyres. Rather than have operators spend valuable time searching for tyres, or walking to a pile of tyres and back to the baler repetitively the conveyor hopper is loaded with tyres via telehandler in a matter of minutes.

The all-new Gradeall tyre baler conveyor designed to make baling of end-of-life tyres a more ergonomic process for baler operators | Video: Gradeall's Youtube channel.

The conveyor then brings the tyres to the operator who lifts them from the conveyor and deposits them into the baler all at waist height. This reduces the need to bend down to pick up tyres and therefore prevents back injuries from occurring. According to Gradeall, “recognising the importance of the person who actually operates the tyre baler and their welfare is crucial to a smooth operating tyre baling process.”

Tyre baling can be considered the first step in tyre recycling before going onto further steps such as shredding, granulation and milling or pyrolysis. It is important to ensure that end-of-life tyres are delivered to these facilities as efficiently as possible to stay on top of the waste tyre problem. Baling tyres will always maximise storage and transport efficiency.

To learn more about the product, please proceed to Gradeall’s website.