Gradeall International – a renowned supplier of tire bailing and tire recycling technology from Northern Ireland – tells how its Tyre Baler Conveyor System increases performance of end-of-life tire baling companies and cuts down their labor expenses.

The Gradeall Modular Design Inline Tyre Conveyor lessens the labor-intensive task of baling tires. The market-leading waste balers made by Gradeall are well-known worldwide. The business provides a selection of powerful compacting tools for the trash industry.

The tire balers that Gradeall manufactures are the most well-known in the end-of-life tire industry; they can be found practically anywhere that processes tires in any volume. But loading a baler is laborious. Baler loaders work out every day by stacking tires into the balers; they don't need to go to the gym for it. Gradeall has acknowledged the need to reduce the pressure associated with baling, and its most recent innovation does just that.

The Gradeall Car Tyre Conveyor is made to make it easier and faster to bale several car tires. Waste tires can be loaded straight into the conveyer belt using a curtain sider, transit van, moving floor vehicle, bucket, or grab. The modular design enables loading from either side or the back from a trailer with a movable floor.

The Gradeall Inclined Tyre Baler Conveyor, supplying two MKII tire balers for non stop tire baling. Much less physically demanding on operators yet better productivity than other tire baling methods | Video by Gradeall.

The conveyor can handle 600–700 tires to create several bales thanks to its 40 m3 hopper and steep sidewalls. There is no need to stoop down to pick up or load tires because the loading platform is at the perfect height for the tire balers.

One or two MKII or MKIII tire balers, or alternatively made tire balers, will function with the tire conveyor. The slide-out loading platform on this conveyor puts the user at the perfect height to feed tires into a baler chamber. The baler doors can be opened for tying and the initial floor level loading stage by sliding the platform out of the way.

A foot-operated pedal operates the conveyor at a slow, safe speed, delivering the tires to the operator where they can easily be lifted to the baler. The conveyor is chain-driven, providing slip-free driving. This helps to retain skilled tire handlers by reducing the time and labor of double handling and making baling vehicle tires much simpler. According to Gradeall, this technique should allow two balers and skilled tire handlers to produce 10 to 12 bales each hour.

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