In conjunction with the Ministry of Education, the Italian extended producer responsibility (EPR) program for end-of-life tire management Greentire and WeSchool will encourage the recovery of recyclable materials in end-of-life tires.

The Green Community, a network of institutions and businesses that works with the Ministry of Education Plan for the ecological and cultural transformation of schools to provide educational activities focused on sustainability, chose the initiative.

"’This is not science fiction’ intends to promote the circular economy, recycling, and ‘zero waste’ in the classroom using the Design Thinking technique, which is the ability to solve problems using a vision and creative and inventive management.

The educational offer's major focus is Greentire's mission to maximize the recovery of material obtained from end-of-life tires.

Students aged 8 to 13 will be supervised by their teachers in determining which things or applications may be made from this material, as well as imagining a way to use them to solve a problem in their school or city, and proposing a beneficial and necessary application.

Greentire will supply a "special textbook" with the lesson plan prepared by WeSchool the Super Greentire magazine, where students will learn about the incredible circular route of end-of-life tires due to the exploits of the super hero.

Article by Greentire.