Pyrum Innovations AG (Pyrum) has made a significant breakthrough in its expansion plans, with the Homburg City Council voting unanimously to approve the sale of a city-owned property to the eco-friendly end-of-life tyre (ELT) recycling company. The land sale allows Pyrum to construct a new pyrolysis plant in Saarland, which will have three pyrolysis reactors and a processing capacity of roughly 20,000 tonnes of ELT each year. The company is due to sign the contract to secure the land soon, allowing the planning and approval process to begin immediately.

The new plant will be a valuable addition to Pyrum's existing operations, which include a main plant in Dillingen. Like the Dillingen plant, the Homburg facility will utilize Pyrum's patented pyrolysis technology, which allows the company to recycle ELT sustainably. With support from the city of Homburg, Pyrum is committed to building a bridge to a circular economy that enriches the tradition-steeped automotive location with end-of-life tyre recycling.

Pyrum's CEO, Pascal Klein, has thanked the City of Homburg for its swift and unanimous approval of the land sale, noting that the process moved unusually quickly. Klein anticipates that the approval process for the Homburg plant will be as smooth as the expansion in Dillingen, as Pyrum is working with the same authorities. The new plant's location also offers a range of valuable advantages, including proximity to key partners like Michelin and BASF, a railway siding for environmentally friendly logistics, and the ability to free up capacity at the Dillingen plant that can be used for tyre acceptance from Luxembourg.

Source: Pyrum Innovations AG.