ICARBON, a start-up company established with the support of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), is an R&D company that focuses on the development of technologies that will enable the sustainable recycling of industrial waste rubbers and formulation studies for their compounding.

The patent of the method named "Hydrothermal Devulcanization" by ICARBON, which focuses on micronization, devulcanization, and pyrolysis technologies, was registered by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office in recent months. In the information given by ICARBON; Stated that a method was registered for the first time in Turkey in the field of devulcanization studies. The technology involves a controlled rubber devulcanization process in which water is used instead of chemical agents, aiming to selectively break chemical bonds without affecting the rubber main chain structure.


ICARBON's founder – Erdem Mutlu | Photo by ICARBON.

With the method it developed, the company was recently awarded the first prize in the TET Project Market, which is the first and only R&D Project Market organized for the electrical, electronics and IT sectors in Turkey.

ICARBON's founder, Erdem Mutlu, held a workshop on rubber recycling for the first time in Turkey in 2023 with the support of the Turkish Rubber Association.

Press release by ICARBON.