An unsanctioned tire burning plant has been shut down following last week’s rally attended by villagers in Malaysia’s Gemencheh.

After the news about the protest went viral on social media, the Department of Environment and the district Land Office decided to take measures. Their representatives went to the plant to negotiate with the facility’s owner. However, he refused to open the door. Shortly after that, the authorities informed police about the incident and cut the lock to the gate to be able to enter the plant, according to Health, Environment, Cooperatives and Consumerism committee chairman S. Veerapan.

While inspecting the facility, the authorities discovered piles of scrap tires and 12 brick kilns that were still hot at the time of the inspection. Veerapan alleged that the owners used the plant for unsanctioned low-tech tire pyrolysis. However, this tire recycling method has to be turned to only by a proper recycling facility that has kilns with essential equipment that would stop air contamination.

The early investigation stated that the facility owners had violated a number of laws, including a failure to have an Environment Impact Assessment report required prior to starting operations. In addition, no steps were taken to ensure environmental protection, and the facility didn’t have a business license that would allow it to operate legally.

The Department of Environment and the Land Office also found carbon footprints that appeared as a result of uncontrolled tire incineration. Additional tests are yet to be done.

Article by The Star.