The World Economic Forum annually held in a Swiss city Davos has awarded Lehigh Technologies, a company specializing in micronized rubber powder manufacturing, due to the corporation’s continuing efforts to give new life to materials derived from scrap tires. Lehigh Technologies is headquartered in US, Atlanta, and is a part of a global name Group Michelin after it acquired the firm more than a year ago.

In Davos, Lehigh has been awarded with a prize that acknowledges leading international young medium businesses that implement circular economy business models. The award was given as part of The Circulars – the project developed by the event organizers with the support of Accenture.

By granting the prize, the event developers admit that the selected business is committed to innovations that promote sustainability. In Davos, it was acknowledged that Lehigh is capable of saving more energy in the manufacturing process, and its products are more cost-effective than virgin equivalents. Moreover, it was admitted the innovative company managed to save an equivalent of 20 million tires. Another achievement of the company is that Lehigh helps diminish the reliance on chemicals contained in oil products.

Article by Tire Business.