Martin von Wolfersdorff – a renown carbon black expert from Berlin – attended the 27th Annual Conference of the European Tire Recycling Association (ETRA) in Brussels at the end of May. During the conference, Martin was interviewing industry experts about the recent breakthroughs and developments in tire pyrolysis.

Among others, Martin interviewed Michael Murray CDir, FIoD, the Vice President of Bolder Industries who unveiled how industry collaborations are powering true circular markets for end-of-life tires. In the video, you can learn about Bolder Industries' product lead approach and corporate culture as well as opportunities for collaboration.

Interview with Michael Murray, Vice President of Bolder Industries, by Martin von Wolfersdorff.

From the ETRA Conference in Brussels also comes Martin's interview with Jean-Michel Douarre, European Director of the BlackCycle Consortium. The interview highlights Michelin's lead in the BlackCycle Consortium, relevant BlackCycle products and ways to engage with BlackCycle.

Interview with Jean-Michel Douarre, European Director of the BlackCycle Consortium, by Martin von Wolfersdorff.

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