In May 2022, Martin von Wolfersdorff – a renown carbon black expert from Berlin – visited the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover. During his visit, Martin was interviewing some industry experts about the recent breakthroughs and developments in sustainable rubber, sustainable carbon black and other material recovery related topics.

In the video below Martin von Wolfersdorff is interviewing Gautier Munsch and Kubat Narynbek from DECATHLON FRANCE about bike tires and sustainability – a remarkable achievement of Decathlon's R&D team.

Another interview by Martin held at the Tire Technology Expo in Hannover was with Daniela Sordi from CarbonX.

CarbonX says it has developed a revolutionary new carbon material that makes it possible to improve performance without compromising sustainability. CarbonX says its unique technology can be used to make stronger, more lightweight, and longer-lasting products with the ability to actively reduce CO2 and particle emissions, generate less waste, improve recyclability, and support circularity.

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