The possible expansion of end-of-life tire collection and recycling centers in Ireland which previously anchored silage pit covers has been discussed by International Fertilizer Association (IFA) President Joe Healy and new minister in charge of environmental regulation Sean Canney.

Following Canney’s visit to Anthenry-based center in November, IFA president stressed that the minister witnessed its successful functioning and recognized that almost 800 farmers provided the recycling facility with more than 1,200 tons of tires on a single day.

He added that bale silage is now preferred over pit by a lot of farmers, as they all require sustainability. He also emphasized that the effectiveness of the first four recycling centers show this positive development.

IFA now seeks further collaboration with the new minister Canney.

In addition, other IFA’s top representative Thomas Cooney stated that the recycling centers experience growing demand, as more than 500,000 car tires were gathered and processed in only four days in four Irish cities.

He also noted that more than 27,000 tons of silage wrap provided by agricultural workers undergo recycling every year.

Article by Donegal.