Carlton Forest Group’s IRR Manufacturing is forging ahead in the pyrolysis market with the launch of an updated website to showcase its unique technology.

Manufactured in South Africa, but managed by an expert team in the UK, IRR Waste 2 Energy, already has a pyrolysis plant installed and fully operational at its UK headquarters in Worksop, and is achieving outputs of energy, oil and carbon char making the process entirely circular.

To demystify the smoke and mirrors media profile that pyrolysis generally has, the team has adopted an up front and honest approach; showcasing the typical processes and costs associated with installing and commissioning an IRR pyrolysis plant. Four packages are presented on the new website giving clear explanations, which can be supported by onsite visits and the technical expertise of the UK team.

Main facility of IRR Manufacturing | Video by Carlton Forest Group

The packages support the vision of the company; using waste in a beneficial way for localised pyrolysis plant customers to provide heat and energy in the vicinity of the plant, in both commercial and domestic situations. In addition, IRR are keen to see pyrolysis as a route to reducing energy costs and the need for non-sustainable energy sources.

IRR Commercial Director, Alex Matthias commented; “One of the biggest issues the industry faces is that people perceive that they need a bespoke process, and are therefore reluctant to enter into the market. Our review of the market showed that to truly breakthrough and change perceptions we needed to streamline what was available. This prompted the creation of four generic products, which delivers four different outputs, four different process packages and gives different reasons for different users. It makes the offer understandable and accessible.”

The four packages are:

  • PACS Series 1 - Pyrolysis Advanced Conversion System capable of processing 1 ton of tyre crumb per hour to create tyre derived oil at 8000ppm-13,000ppm sulphur content.
  • PACS Series 1 DS – as above but producing a cleaner fuel at 5000ppm Sulphur content
  • PACS Enigen Series 2 - Pyrolysis Advanced Conversion System with associated power generation technology that can generate 1400Kw/h of electricity and provide renewable heat suitable for district heating or absorption chilling.
  • PACS Enigen Series 4 - Pyrolysis Advanced Conversion System producing 2000Kw/h of electricity plus renewable heat suitable for direct drying.

Alex continued: “Our website gives visitors a detailed tour of each package and we provide concise information that answers many questions, gives a cost, layout details and what is required to allow the customer to explore how they can establish a plant. We want the entire process to be transparent and inclusive so that many more businesses can begin to reap the benefits of installing their own energy generating, waste recycling pyrolysis plants.”

Pyrolysis plant and crew of IRR | Photo by Carlton Forest

IRR and Carlton Forest Group Holdings has developed a package that is workable “out of the box” and demystifies much of the confusion and funding challenges that can be prohibitive. As a tried and tested continuous pyrolysis process, the only one of its kind in the UK, facts, figures and guarantees are already established and available.

“Our system operates to European standards and can be up and running in any suitable location within months of gaining a suitable permission from the local authority,” said Alex. “It’s a real game changer and we are incredibly excited about the future and the impact we can have on the waste to energy sector and the businesses who adopt our visionary, yet logical, approach to waste management and energy generation across the globe.”

For more information about IRR Waste 2 Energy and the four packages please visit

Press release by IRR Manufacturing.