The innovative road pavement made from recycled tire rubber will be used by Italian Army. Ecopneus reports that the pavement using the recycled rubber from end-of-life tires (ELT) will allow greater safety and durability than traditional materials and will reduce the road traffic noise by up to 5 db.

The Logistics Commander of the Army, General of the Army Corps Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, and the General Director of Ecopneus, Giovanni Corbetta, signed a framework agreement for the construction of urbanization works with high performance crumb rubber reducing environmental impact.

Thanks to the collaboration with Ecopneus – Italian end-of-life tire management authority – some areas of the "Annibaldi" Barracks in Milan, headquarters of the Military Hospital Center, will be paved with asphalt modified with recycled rubber powder from end-of-life tires.

Photos by Ecopneus.

The construction of the innovative road pavement follows two other important interventions completed thanks to Ecopneus: the installation of recycled rubber surfaces for animal welfare in Grosseto, in the stables and stables of horses and dogs of the Veterinary Military Center , and the construction in Rome of a latest generation flooring in recycled rubber for the new gymnasium of the Army Logistic Command.

“The signing of this agreement is a source of pride for Ecopneus,” – said Director General Giovanni Corbetta. “Today a new project is kicking off in which we make our experience and our skills available to the Army Logistics Command. We are honored to be able to collaborate with the highly specialized structures of the Army, which once again confirms the validity of this innovative and sustainable technology.”

In his speech, the Logistics Commander, expressed great satisfaction with the realization of these works, highlighting the importance of the synergy started with the Ecopneus company for the promotion of the culture of tire recycling. General Figliuolo also underlined how this agreement fits well into the path undertaken by the Italian Army towards the modernization of its infrastructures through initiatives that are efficient, functional, fully compliant with current regulations, inspired by innovative criteria with low environmental impact and reduced maintenance costs.

Press release by Ecopneus.