Ecopneus – Italian end-of-life tire management and recycling authority – says that thanks to the end-of-life tire recycling, over the years a real city of recycled rubber has been created at the Festambiente Festival: sports fields, cycle paths, play areas, urban furniture, relaxation areas were developed from the recycled material.

In 2020 this list is supposed to be expanded with thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), Ecopneus says. Recycled rubber is confirmed as the protagonist of entertainment at Festambiente (Rispescia, Grosseto, 19 - 23 August), the festival which has reached its 32nd edition this year.

Thanks to Ecopneus, in fact, over the years Festambiente has created a real city of recycled rubber with many innovative solutions for the enjoyment of all generation: football and basketball fields, minigolf, cycle paths, improvement acoustics of a meeting room, street furniture, relaxation areas made with recycled rubber from ELTs.

An authentic circular economy experience unique in Italy, which this year is further enriched with the redesigned parking areas, created thanks to the use of innovative eco-friendly blends made from recycled tire-derived rubber powder and thermoplastic materials. An innovation was developed within the Tyreplast research project promoted by Ecopneus with the support of Idea Plast. "We are very proud to leave tangible evidence of the benefits related to the proper management of ELTs in Festambiente,” – said Giovanni Corbetta, CEO of Ecopneus. “Educating the younger generation about sustainability and environmental protection is about ensuring a better future for adults of tomorrow and doing it through play and sport certainly represents an added value for children.”

In fact, from the recycling of end-of-life tires , precious recycled rubber is obtained for the construction of sports surfaces, acoustic and anti-vibration insulators, cycle paths, playgrounds, street furniture elements, “silent” and long-lasting asphalts and much more. Since 2014 Ecopneus has chosen to bring to Festambiente a testimony of the circular economy of end-of-life tires through many installations, areas and walkways.

Article by Ecopneus.