Ecopneus – an Italian end-of-life tire management authority – reports that the series of meetings will be held from May to October 2021 involvin Ecopneus itself, UISP with the collaboration of Fieracavalli together with important Italian universities to talk about the realities of excellence in the world of sustainable equitation thanks also to recycled rubber.

Scientific research, sport, animal welfare and circular economy was presented online at Cavalli On Live, the online format dedicated to the well-being of horses and riders that will start on May 24, 2021 organized by Ecopneus and UISP - “Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti” in collaboration with Fieracavalli to illustrate the potential of recycled rubber in ELTs-End of Life Tires for horse riding.

During the other events, which will take place from May to October 2021 and which will be freely accessible through the Facebook profiles of FieraCavalli, Ecopneus and UISP, research, results and the most innovative solutions related to the well-being of the combination between horse and rider and to the use of recycled rubber from end-of-life tires in equestrian sports. To open the series of meetings on May 24 at 7:30 pm will be the intervention of Giovanni Corbetta, the General Manager of Econeus.

The rubber recycled from ELTs is a material of high technological value that shows all its potential even in the equestrian sector. In fact, scientific tests and field research have confirmed that the use of recycled rubber flooring for riding has considerable advantages both from the point of view of the management of sports centers and for the health of the horse and rider:

they protect the joints of the horse, drastically reduce the dispersion of dust in the air compared to traditional sand fields, are draining, have very low maintenance costs and a strong anti-trauma value,which also makes them suitable for the protection of knights.

"As Ecopneus we have worked hard over the years to spread more knowledge on this valid application of recycled rubber with constant R&D work , activating and supporting various scientific studies and initiatives - declares the General Manager of Ecopneus Giovanni Corbetta - In equestrian sports the recycled rubber can really make a difference both from the point of view of the management of sports centers and for the health of the horse and rider. An increasingly tangible reality that gives us hope for an ever greater attention to sustainability also in equitation systems".

"We are grateful to Ecopneus for having best interpreted the spirit of social sport and for all that characterizes UISP: combining environmental sustainability, development of the activity and well-being of the horse and rider,” said Tiziano Pesce, UISP National President. “This partnership it is strengthened by the relationship with the Veterinary Department of the University of Perugia which accredits the scientific assumptions and makes the results available to all practitioners".

Article by Ecopneus.