Dedicated to the Waste Reduction Week in Canada this October, Kal Tire – the renown global mining and OTR tire manufacturer – told how the company facilitates recyclability of its products. According to Kal Tire, its Canadian mining customers can recycle their end-of-life tires through the company’s partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling, LLC.

Kal Tire highlights that giant mining tires can weigh over 5 metric tons and contain high quality steel and rubber which can be recycled and repurposed. After being shredded, the rubber crumb, mulch and recycled steel can be converted into landscaping mulch and molded rubber products such as gym floors, fencing products, rubberized bricks and more.

Recently, Western Rubber Products Inc, a division of Liberty Tire Recycling, LLC, celebrated the recycling of their 100 millionth tire. Thanks to the partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling, Kal Tire is proud to offer its Canadian mining customers a simple, viable and environmentally friendly alternative for end-of-life tires.

Kal Tire's collection and recycling partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling. | Video by Kal Tire.

Also, Kal Tire announced its new thermal conversion tire recycling facility in northern Chile converts OTR tires into their original components. Now that the facility is nearing full production, Kal Tire is excited about what this solution means for mines in Chile and across the mining industry.


About Kal Tire's pyrolysis plant in Chile. | Photo by Kal Tire.