Kal Tire is one of the leaders worldwide in sustainable OTR and mining tire solutions. Recently, the company introduced the Ultra Repair™ technology that allows sending worn-out OTR and mining tires back into production.

Kal Tire Repairs and Ultra Repairs work with customers to keep their fleet functioning and save money on tires. Kal Tire’s award-winning and proprietary Ultra Repair™ technology transforms end-of-life OTR tires that would otherwise be scrapped into like-new tires, while the company’s normal repairs increase uptime via scheduled, preventative maintenance. Kal Tire provides reliable quality thanks to its world-class facilities, industry-leading training, and stringent standards.

Photos by Kal Tire.

Kal Tire says that the tire life can be extended by thousands of hours thanks to its technology. Ultra Repair, developed by its mining tire specialists in Canada over a 15-year period, restores an ultra-class tire's original strength and integrity, providing like-new performance and safety even in difficult situations.

Commenting on its special take on injuries that are no longer repairable, the company highlights that the Ultra Repair stretches the boundaries of mining tire repairs—even on ultra-class tires—where traditional fixes are restricted by the size and location of a damage.

Kal Tire’s Ultra Repair helps with:

  • Serious injuries on OTR tires;
  • Tread, shoulder, and sidewall injuries near the bead;
  • Tire sizes 25-63".

The service is available at 12 Kal Tire locations in Australia, Canada, Chile, Ghana, and the United Kingdom.

Apart from OTR tire repair and retreading services, Kal Tire also engages in end-of-life tire recycling and pyrolysis. To read about the recent achievements of the company in this field, proceed to this article or check our news archive.