Kal Tire – a Canadian tire manufacturing company – has certified its carbon calculator capable of determining carbon and fuel emissions that retreaded tires managed to prevent. Moreover, Kal Tire also announced that it is set to launch Maple Program that can estimate damage caused to the environment by a customer. The Maple Program relies on Kal Tire’s new carbon calculator’s data when it provides a customer with one to five stars as it estimates the proportion of their fleet running retreads instead of new tires.

To create the carbon calculator, the developers needed two years of research and analysis of substantial amount of Kal Tire’s retreading production records. The validation to the invention was granted by SCS Global Services – a third party certification authority.

Chile and the UK have been chosen as first destinations where the program will be implemented. However, the company has plans to expand its initiative.

The certification of the invention comes amid Kal Tire’s claims that retread products can bring benefits to the environment. The company says that a tire’s operating cost per hour is reduced by retreading.

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