Several years ago, Kal Tire conceived an idea to enable mines to recycle ultra-class tires efficiently, leading to optimal reuse of rubber. Today, the company sheds light on the journey of their thermal conversion OTR tire recycling facility in Chile. This facility transforms end-of-life tires into essential elements like fuel, steel, and recovered carbon black (rCB) for renewed use.

The journey involves strategic collaborations with Chilean customers and the government, the development of cutting-edge technology, and the construction of a facility adhering to the highest environmental, safety, and quality standards. The focus remains on generating high-value chemical feedstocks such as rCB, contributing to a circular economy. These feedstocks play a pivotal role in producing new plastic products and tires, reducing dependence on virgin resources and earning ISCC Plus certification.

Kal Tire celebrates the team's achievements and anticipates the positive impact of this circular solution on the mining industry. Discover more about this innovative approach at the forefront of the recycling hierarchy.

Learn all about this circular solution on the Kal Tire website.