U.S. state of Kentucky has been handling scrap tires by establishing the Waste Tire Trust Fund that gets its money from $2 fees imposed on each new tire when it is purchased. Thanks to the fund, the state manages five million of waste tires each year sending them to Champlin Tire Recycling in Kansas where the waste is transformed into valuable ADA-accessible products. They are later applied in playgrounds and trails construction, as well as in landscaping projects.

For instance, pour-in-place parks gained popularity. And this year alone the state has seen over $1 million worth of grant applications. In 2018, a grant for construction of such playground at Sutton Elementary School was received by Daviess County. In previous years, the state created similar playgrounds in schools and centers in Bowling Green.

In 2004, the authorities established rubber grants that are distributed annually; at present, the grant’s amount is $500,000.

To learn which grants are currently available in Kentucky, check the website of Kentucky Waste and Environment Cabinet.

Article by Waste Advantage Magazine.