The authorities in the state of Kentucky, United States, have urged scrap tire recycling businesses to apply for grants that will fund projects and companies focused on landscaping rubber mulch, playground developments from recycled tires, matting projects and others. Some $500,000 in grants will be allocated to supports projects.

Detailed information regarding the grants is available at the website of the Kentucky Division of Waste Management (DWM).

The officials also listed initiatives that are not eligible for funding. They include tire-derived aggregate, tire-derived fuel, loose crumb rubber playgrounds and initiatives aimed at civil engineering.

A single grant will cover no less that 25 percent of the project cost. All applications must be submitted by April 1 via email / mail to the Division of Waste Management in Kentucky.

According to the Energy and Environment Cabinet, the steps to provide funds were made to promote rational scrap tire waste management in Kentucky. In addition, the officials are hopeful the applicants would be able to advance innovation by suggesting solutions resulting in improved product performance and cost-efficiency.

Funding will come with the support of the Waste Tire Trust Fund launched over two decades ago in Kentucky. The fund is responsible for money that comes with a fee charged when a single tire unit is sold to customers.

Article by The Gleaner.