Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) by recycler Klean Industries Inc (Klean) has managed to set record for its production as the company manufactures over 100,000 metric tons of the valuable product per year.

To get the material, the company relies on its licensed scrap tire recycling technology that enables manufacturing of high quality products out of waste. Apart from recovered Carbon Black, Klean also produces tire-derived oil and steel.

Thanks to its tire char upgrading technology, Klean gets valuable Carbon Black that can rival with virgin Carbon Black; in some applications, it is possible to use 100 percent of its recycled product. The company’s Carbon Black is specifically made to cater the needs of those customers who require sustainable but at the same time top quality product that will replace its virgin counterpart in the range of mixtures. Currently, Klean sells rCB depending on long-term agreements with a number of international businesses specializing in manufacturing of mechanical rubber and colorants.

Commenting on the present trends, CEO of Klean said that his company is now mainly focused on production of rCB due to substantial alternative opportunities on the market outside of tires. He also noted that the opportunities are so vast that Klean is currently incapable of producing enough of rCB to fulfill the demand.

He also said that the systems and process managing technologies comply with environmental standards. In addition, he mentioned that the company has been conducting researches for decades in order to find a solution that would secure cost-effective operation. The company is also focused on future developments as it believes that pyrolysis together with rCB opportunity has potential for merger and if it is advanced it will result in revolution in tire production and recycling.

Article by Recycling Inside.