Recovered Carbon Black (rCB) producer Klean Industries Inc. will become equipment supplier for five more India-based rCB upgrading facilities after signing a letter of intent; this move brings an overall number of facilities in the Asian country developed within the last two years to eight.

The corporation has noted that the demand for rCB is substantial, and Klean has expansion plans throughout Asia. The demand growth comes at a time when the industry is witnessing virgin carbon black deficit and import levies in India. Klean’s technology has the capacity to recycle scrap tires into valuable raw materials. Its technology can produce not only rCB, but it also manufactures Recovered Fuel Oil. Klean’s CEO commented on the corporation’s technologies saying that the equipment is capable of reducing rCB production costs preserving quality. Thus, the CEO projected further expansion into neighboring Asian states.

The decision to supply equipment to India can result in the Asian state becoming a key manufacturer of rCB products for automotive, plastic and rubber industries. This, in turn, can greatly disrupt the rCB market. Therefore, India may present expanding business opportunities.

Press release by Klean Industries.