This January, the Automotive World magazine published an article by Krzysztof Wróblewski, CEO and CTO of Contec – a successful tyre pyrolysis company from Poland. In the article, Krzysztof writes that “Circularity in automotive and tyre product designs will increase innovation, business opportunities, supply security, and industry cost savings.”

In the article, Krzysztof highlights that manufacturers play a crucial role in achieving a sustainable and environmentally friendly future. They have the power to directly influence resource usage through various measures such as reducing their reliance on new raw materials. Product design is also key in increasing circularity, as rethinking the design of many everyday items (like tyres) can help minimise waste.

Product design should incorporate more circular materials into manufacturing stages to promote material reuse and recycling, conserve natural resources, and limit energy use and carbon emissions. The tyre-to-tyre model closes the material loop in tyre production and reuses old tyre materials to make new tyres. End-of-life tyres (ELTs) are a valuable resource, and several technologies can be used to recover the materials as alternatives to standard virgin fossil fuels-based raw materials.

Given the complexity of tyre recycling, there are many ways that redesigning tyres can incorporate more circularity in the long run.

The original article touches upon the following topics:

  • Materials and manufacturing
  • Investing in modular design
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Designing for recycling

To read the original article, please proceed to the website of the Automotive World magazine.