One of the oldest tire recycling plants in the UK is located at Ranskill, Nottinghamshire, where firefighters from that county have been battling a large outbreak. The yard of Boynton Brothers in Ranskill, close to Retford, is where the fire is thought to have started.

Tires have been burning over the weekend of August 7 and 8, and there were 14 fire engines and an aerial ladder platform (ALP) at the area. The Derbyshire Fire and Rescue Service was offering assistance to the crews.

According to reports from the Nottinghamshire Fire Brigade, officials think that the fire was intentionally set by someone using fireworks nearby. When the fire first started, several others were spotted lighting off fireworks close to the area.

In a tweet, the fire service said: "We are currently dealing with a large fire involving tires in Ranskill which is giving off a lot of black smoke. Please avoid the area and close windows and doors if you see or smell smoke”.

Boynton Brothers have been recycling tires for over 40 years, and they were handling agricultural and earthmoving tires before landfills was outlawed. For use on trawler nets, Boynton Brothers began punching rubber rolling weights. Additionally, the company had begun processing tires for chip and crumb.