This November, Bolder Industries, Inc. (Bolder), a pioneer in converting end-of-life tires into sustainable carbon black (BolderBlack®), petrochemicals (BolderOilTM), steel (BolderSteelTM), and power, announced a new partnership with Liberty Tire Recycling (Liberty), one of the leading providers of tire recycling services in North America. Bolder’s press release says these two world leaders in end-of-life tire solutions join forces to provide immediate circular solutions and sustainable raw materials to rubber, plastic, and petrochemical businesses.

With Liberty's access to tires and Bolder's technology and customer pipeline, the partnership is expected to make a meaningful impact across the globe.

Liberty Tire Recycling is one of the largest traditional tire recyclers in the world, collecting more than 200 million tires a year and growing. To meet its current contractual obligations for its charter products BolderBlack and BolderOil, Bolder Industries requires 60 million end-of-life tires annually for feedstock, which will gradually ramp up over the next 10 years. This supplier agreement provides Liberty with the highest and best possible use for the end-of-life tires it collects while supplying Bolder with a steady, reliable source of feedstock for the next decade.

Tire companies, rubber manufacturers, plastic manufacturers, petrochemical chemical companies and, most importantly, the environment, benefit from this partnership. Bolder estimates this will contribute to 400 million lbs. of BolderBlack, 1.8 million bbls of BolderOil, and 100,000 tons of recycled steel, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions, water, and electricity usage by more than 90%. This is equivalent to removing 300,000 cars from the road each year.

"Liberty is in constant pursuit of the highest and best use of end-of-life tires. We have been investigating the chemical extraction business for many years and Bolder has proven to be a partner we can rely on to work with us and our customers on a large scale," said Thomas Womble, CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling. "Bolder and Liberty are aligned in their goals to increase sustainability for waste tires and our new partnership will accelerate the growth and global expansion for both companies in this critically important space."

"Liberty Tire Recycling and Bolder Industries are here to provide full-scale opportunities to tire manufacturers who have committed to recycled content and sustainability goals. Bolder Industries is leading the solution for historically devastating end-of-life tire challenges. Our circular approach is what helps our customers meet their goals," said Bolder Industries CEO Tony Wibbeler. "Our partnerships with Liberty Tire Recycling, Tokai Carbon, Continental Carbon and Tauber Oil unite the top brands in our industry to provide a closed-loop solution for the end-of-life tires without supply chain disruptions."

"This is exactly the type of business innovation our industry needs," said Luiz Polimeno, Global Purchasing Director of Pirelli Tire. "We can maintain our current collection routes, have insight into our end-of-life tires and have an opportunity to work directly with our current suppliers to purchase sustainably sourced raw materials for our manufacturing. It's a win-win for everyone involved."

For more information on Bolder Industries and its circular solutions for rubber, plastic and petrochemical supply chains, please read our news archive.

About Bolder Industries

Founded in 2011, Bolder Industries provides circular solutions for rubber, plastic and petrochemical supply chains. The company has developed and scaled a proprietary solution that recovers 98% of scrap tires by extracting high-quality petroleum-based ingredients and steel while helping customers achieve their corporate sustainability goals. Its flagship product BolderBlack® is a less expensive, more sustainable alternative to virgin carbon black. The solution uses 90% less water and emits 90% fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional methods.

About Liberty Tire Recycling

Liberty Tire Recycling is a premier provider of sustainable tire recycling services in North America. Liberty collects and recycles used tires for innovative, beneficial re-use. The recycled rubber produced by Liberty is used as crumb rubber for a variety of applications; as industrial feedstock for molded products; as tire-derived fuel for industrial kilns, mills and power plants; and as rubber mulch for landscaping and playgrounds. The company maintains a network of processing plants and comprehensive, nationwide collection services.

Original press release by Bolder Industries.