Andrew Meurer has joined Liberty Tire Recycling as its President and Chief Commercial Officer, bringing over 12 years of experience from Michelin, where he served as Vice President of Sales for the North American Passenger Tire Division. Prior to Michelin, Meurer worked at Procter and Gamble (P&G) and Kimberly-Clark. In his new role, Meurer will lead Liberty's initiatives to collaborate with tire manufacturers and retailers in developing sustainable solutions for end-of-life tires. The focus is on cost-effective solutions and better end markets aligned with the sustainability goals of industry players.

Thomas Womble, CEO of Liberty Tire Recycling, believes Meurer is the right fit for the company's next phase, emphasizing the need for industry evolution and innovation in tire management. Meurer will concentrate on implementing cost-effective solutions and identifying better end markets for end-of-life tires, contributing to Liberty's goal of Zero Waste through collaboration. Liberty, as the largest tire recycler in North America, aims to expand markets and find optimal uses for tires to prevent landfill disposal. Meurer acknowledges the challenge of recycling modern tires, which, although safer and longer-lasting, pose increased difficulty in the recycling process. His role is crucial in advancing Liberty's position in the tire recycling industry.

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