One of the biggest tire recycling companies in the United States – Liberty Tire Recycling – reports about the recent advances in its environmental strategy. Accelerating Environmental Stewardship is the pillar of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) strategy at Liberty who believes it made a great progress to achieving its environmental goals. In the past months, Liberty spoke about how its products and services divert tires from landfill and offset GHG emissions. But Liberty's commitment to Accelerating Environmental Stewardship extends beyond its offerings — it informs all our decisions and day-to-day operations, the company says.

For example, the tire recycler implemented a comprehensive route optimization program that uses sophisticated software to maximize the efficiency of its tire pickups. This enables Liberty's trucking operations to recycle more tires with fewer stops and less gas. In early results from two locations, it were able to process over 1 million additional tires with 8,000 fewer stops and 21,000 fewer miles.

Liberty also massively cut its paper usage by converting the inbound collection services to handheld electronic devices in 2018. Liberty's 300 tablets throughout the company network have saved at least six tons of paper since, according to Liberty's reports.

Finally, Liberty is commited to partnerships that can strengthen ESG impacts more than simply acting alone. That’s why the company participates in awareness campaigns, like Canada’s Waste Reduction Week, and large-scale collaborations like Walmart’s Project Gigaton: an effort to avoid one billion metric tons (a gigaton) of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from the global value chain by 2030.

To read more about Liberty's ESG commitment to Advancing Sustainable Products beginning on page 12 of our 2020 – 2021 ESG report below.

Report by Liberty Tire Recycling.