After signing a deal, Pittsburgh-based Liberty Tire Recycling has become an official supplier of crumb rubber for Phoenix Industries, a firm specializing in development of the trademark products PelletPAVE that reinforce asphalt.

According to the deal, Liberty will provide crumb rubber of different shapes and kinds obtained via waste tire recycling. Liberty’s representative Steve Bigelow, stated that sustainability was a priority adding that the new collaboration totally satisfies the ambition of reclaiming, recycling, and reusing waste tires to benefit the public and the environment. He also stressed that his company was ‘excited’ to be involved in manufacturing of such an innovation as PelletPAVE.

Pellet PAVE is one of the products manufactured by Phoenix and it is used to create asphalt rubber blends that have high concentration of rubber. In addition, the firm creates PelletPAVE-TR which serves as an analogue for conventional blended rubber binder. Phoenix has been providing ingredients to the asphalt businesses for over a decade now.

Commenting on the collaboration with Liberty, Phoenix’s senior representative, Kelly Sockwell noted that both companies are committed to sustainability. He also said that his staff visit the recycler’s office and Phoenix can assure that its products are developed with rubber obtained from local waste tires.

Article by 24/7 Press Release.