Cleantire and Linglong Tire have signed a strategic partnership agreement. The online cloud signing event was attended by Mr. Wang Feng, Chairman and President of Linglong Tire, and Jiang Yong, President of Cleantire.

Recycling and disposing of waste tires has become a hot topic in the industry as people become more aware of the need to protect the environment. Linglong, a renowned Chinese tire producer, has been working with universities for more than 10 years to investigate how to generate clean energy from waste tires, as well as how to recycle and repurpose waste tires.

Cleantire is a technology-based group company that integrates renewable resource R&D, design, production, and sales. It is a market leader in China, with advanced technologies such as pyrolysis recovery of waste tires and deep processing of fractured Carbon Black.

Linglong and Cleantire formed a strategic partnership in October 2021, making Linglong one of the first tire businesses in the world to have a strategic alliance with a waste tire recycling operation.

In both directions, this signing is an unavoidable decision for achieving higher levels, better strength, and greater goals. Using the strategic layout of Linglong's "7+5" global 12 production bases, the company will work with Cleantire to select locations for waste tire recycling factories, accelerate the implementation of a unified layout and management, and create a comprehensive tire utilization industry chain that includes R&D, manufacturing, retreading, and waste tire recycling and reuse for the entire life cycle of the tire.

Linglong Tire and Cleantire actively responded to China's "dual carbon" strategy by collaborating on a macro level, encouraging high-value recycling of global waste tires, and taking a leadership role in the industry's social responsibility.

Article by Tyre & Rubber Recycling magazine.