The Malta Independent reports that the The Nationalist Party has found doubtful efficiency of the state agency Wasteserv to process and export end-of-life tires. There are allegations that this caused harm to small and medium-sized businesses, which is “a symptom of the government's persistent lack of planning in the waste management sector”.

There are claims that a number of infrastructure projects, had to be stopped because of "the government's persistent lack of planning in finding adequate space or methods to dispose of construction waste".

Environment Spokesperson David Thake said that "…while Wasteserv works with private tire waste treatment facilities, the government and authorities are obliged to ensure that once the tires are treated in Malta, these should be exported immediately so that the capacity of Malta's facilities is not filled to the point that they stop accepting material, as is in fact happening now."

Thake added that "…instead of extra spending on positions of trust to core members, the government should ensure that everything is done to solve these major environmental problems which are hindering small and medium-sized businesses."

Chances are, the party will become a voice in favor of environmental protection and will keep operating in collaboration with Maltese businesses to give the field of the waste management a more serious attention.

In addition, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia mentioned that WasteServ is currently working on a solution to export baled end-of-life tires. Currently, according to Malta Independent, Wasteserv has an arrangement with another contractor who exports end-of-life tires. The Environment Minister mentioned that the number of end-of-life tires had accumulated as a result of delays in signing contracts.