Marangoni S.p.A. – a player in the tire retreading sector on a global scale – is enhancing the retreading capabilities of Volánbusz Hungary through the introduction of the latest RINGER 2000 machine. This innovation promises increased efficiency and reliability for Volánbusz Hungary's retreading operations.

Having maintained a longstanding partnership with Marangoni, Volánbusz Hungary has effectively managed their retreading facility located in Győr, positioned between Budapest and Vienna. In the 90s, the plant was equipped with a Multifunctional machine, later upgraded to the Ringtreader 1000 model. Presently, the company is elevating its retreading capabilities by incorporating the RINGER 2000 machine, which forms part of Marangoni's advanced range of equipment within the RINGTREAD System. This system is characterized by modularity and a heightened level of standardization in components.

Leo Linkesch, Area Manager at Marangoni, commented on the development, highlighting the advantages offered by the RINGER 2000 for Volánbusz Hungary. He noted that compared to the previously used RingTreader 1000, the new machine provides a more balanced arrangement of the casing rings due to its incorporation of ten jaws instead of eight.

Mr. Tamás Kovács, Technical Plant Manager at Volánbusz, expressed his enthusiasm for this significant upgrade. He mentioned that while the RingTreader 1000 had served them well for over two decades, embracing modernity was now essential. The introduction of the new RINGER machine ushers in a more sophisticated era of retreading for the company. Mr. Kovács emphasized their goal to enhance the quantity and quality of RINGTREAD tire production, especially to meet the needs of their extensive bus fleet. As Hungary's largest public passenger transport company, operating approximately 6,000 buses nationwide, this upgrade is crucial.

Retreading holds a pivotal role in Volánbusz Hungary's commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. By investing in the RINGER machine and continuing to implement the RINGTREAD System, the company actively contributes to a greener future. Kovács emphasized, "Retreading aligns with sustainable practices, enabling us to reclaim tires after their initial usage, conserving energy, raw materials, and substantially reducing waste. This strengthens our dedication to delivering top-quality, sustainable, and efficient transportation solutions nationwide."

To ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance with the new RINGER machine, representatives from Volánbusz Hungary visited Marangoni's facilities in Rovereto and Ala, Italy. During the visit, they observed the RINGER in operation, presented by technical service experts. The delegation also had the opportunity to explore Marangoni's retreading plant in Rovereto.

As Marangoni and Volánbusz Hungary completed the RINGER 2000 installation in the Győr plant, both companies demonstrated a shared commitment to advancing the passenger transport industry with cutting-edge technology and a profound dedication to environmental responsibility.

Source: Marangoni S.p.A.