According to Allianz Zukunft Reifen (AZuR), Marangoni – a worldwide developer and distributor of materials and technologies for the cold retreading of truck and bus tires – is set to showcase a wide range of sustainable tire solutions for commercial vehicles in the quarry at the upcoming Steinexpo (Homberg, Germany, August 23 – 26). The company has partnered with the tire brand Westlake, manufactured by China's Zhongce Rubber Group, in a collaborative sales agreement. This collaboration allows Marangoni to offer both new and retreaded tires in one comprehensive package, presenting a compelling concept for mining operations.

As a highlight of the exhibition, Marangoni will unveil a new tire MRLT2 for rigid dump trucks used in demanding quarry operations, specially designed for the harsh conditions of quarry work, the tire is available in three different sizes.

Marangoni promises that the performance of the MRLT2 tire matches that of new premium tires. According to Marangoni, MRLT2 provides a dual benefit: cost-effectiveness and a reduced Product Carbon Footprint (PCF), resulting in lower CO2 emissions compared to new tires. Additionally, this approach saves resources such as steel and natural rubber.

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