In a recent press release, Mars Mineral – an American manufacturer of pelletizing technology – announced the appointment of William Booher as new technical sales and product applications manager. He has more than 25 years of experience in the specialty chemical and metals industries, most recently as the director of sales and marketing for a tooling and wear parts manufacturer. William Booher graduated from Youngstown State University with a bachelor's degree in chemistry.

Booher's new role at Mars Mineral will involve both technical sales and after-sale support in addition to demonstrating the effectiveness of the company's pelletizing technology. Additionally, he will supervise these relationships, put strategic sales and marketing plans into action, and promote the Mars Mineral brand internationally.

“I’m thrilled to welcome Bill to our team. He brings extensive industry leadership and a proven track record in manufacturing, science, and sales. This is an unbeatable combination as we continue to penetrate the global rCB (recovered carbon black) market and other new opportunities for our pelletizing technology,” commented Clayton Woodward, president and CEO of Mars Mineral.

About Mars Mineral

Mars Mineral is located in Mars, Pennsylvania, 25 miles north of Pittsburgh. The company manufactures agitation pelletizing technology with pin agglomerators, disc pelletizers, and deep drum pelletizers. The process is accomplished without pressure or heat but by the agitation of the material in the presence of a binder, usually water, producing seed pellets from 50 mesh/.297 mm to 1”/25.4 mm in diameter. The company also provides material testing and engineering and technical support.