In his latest article, Martin von Wolfersdorf – a renown carbon black expert from Berlin – discusses the challenges faced by the recovered carbon black industry, particularly in terms of securing industry support and investment. Von Wolfersdorf notes that while the tire industry has made clear demands for tire sustainability, there could be more investment from tire and carbon black corporations to support the growth of the industry.

Martin von Wolfersdorf also highlights the financial challenges faced by start-ups in the recovered carbon black industry, particularly those without an industrial operation. These companies often have more cash-burn than cash-flow, as planning and developing can be costly activities. Even pre-engineering studies required for permits can cost up to €1M. The article emphasizes that these start-ups need more equity investment to sustain their operations.

Overall, the article provides valuable insights into the recovered carbon black industry, so if you are interested in learning more about the industry and the challenges it faces, make sure to follow the link to read the full article by Martin von Wolfersdorf.