On September 20 - 22, 2023, Agustina Martin from Weibold will attend the 3rd Latin American Tire Recycling Conference in Lima, Peru, also known as “Jornadas – Reciclaje”. As the key account manager for Central & South America at Weibold, Agustina supports the company in pre-feasibility studies, market researches and technology evaluations for tire recycling and pyrolysis projects.

If you would like to connect with Weibold during the event in Lima, discuss business opportunities or request information on consulting services, please send your inquiry at sales@weibold.com.

About the event

The 3rd Latin American Tire Recycling Conference constitutes an excellent opportunity to learn about different alternative technologies, regulations, developments and various solutions that exist regarding tire recycling in Latin America.

The Latin American Society for Rubber Technology (SLTC) aims to be a tool to promote technological, business and management knowledge in the field of rubber. Within this framework, the SLTC will carry out Recycling Days from September 20 to 22 of this year in the city of Lima, Peru.

The event will open with a conference on the application of a Circular Economy approach in the recycling and recovery process of used tires and other polymers. During the same day, talks will be given on the latest technical advances in carbon black recovered from tire pyrolysis and tire retreading in relation to the rational use of resources.

For everyone interested in the conference, SLTC and Weibold have prepared a special PROMO CODE “WEIBOLD01”, which gives a special 10% discount. To register for the conference and use the promo code, please proceed to the event’s website and enter the code in the end of your registration.


During the second day of the event, you will be able to enjoy presentations that will deal with topics such as:

  • ELT (End of life tires) energy recovery: tests in cement kilns.
  • Recycled rubber tiles: advances in technical characterization.
  • ELT pyrolysis + TPO (Thermoplastic olefin) distillation at industrially relevant conditions.
  • Sources of financing for scraps: construction of eco-tariffs.

During the afternoon on Thursday, September 21, the ELT Symposium on asphalt mixes will be inaugurated, in which programs and investments in the management of the national and regional road network will be discussed. Also, the reality of management systems, tire recycling and the incorporation of ELT dust into asphalt mixes with the latest technologies will be exposed.

The first presentation of the symposium, by Gerardo Botasso, will deal with the current situation of programs, investments, regulations and specifications on mixtures with NFU in Latin America. Afterwards, you will be able to participate in the conference on management systems for the use of NFU in mixtures and in the presentation on new technologies for incorporating rubber into asphalt mixtures.

Other of the exhibitions of the ELT symposium will deal with:

  • Rubber dust and slag as substitutes for aggregates in asphalt mix.
  • Use of ELT dust at high rates in the preparation of asphalt mixes used in layers to retard cracks.
  • Study of warm asphalt mixes made with an organic additive incorporating tire rubber by semi-wet process.
  • Specific surfaces in the granulometry of ELT rubber powder used in the modification of asphalt cements.
  • Design and application of asphalt mix with rubber.

During the last day of the event, the focus will be on the recovery of tires and producer responsibility organizations as a NFU management and management system, as transit tools towards a circular economy. In addition, a specific panel will be held, dedicated to Pyrolysis.

If you want to know the complete agenda of the event, we invite you to visit the Official Website of the Conference: https://www.jornadascaucho.com/agenda.